This is Israel

Israelis say they are “defending themselves” …. and how they are “defending themselves”? by killing civilians and kids.

These are the photos that witness what Israel is doing in Gaza!



























































This is what Israel officials, army, and individuals, think about Palestinians and Arabs.

Jew Rabbis and Human right activists expressing their points of view about the peace process between Israelis and Palestinians

Jew Rabbis Against Zionist Jews and Against the State of Israel

Israel acting like Nazis in Gaza … by a Jew Uk MP

“We Will Not Go Down” ….  A song for GAZA … by Michael Heart


44 Responses to “This is Israel”

  1. Zionists’ killing machine in Gaza « Dr Nasir Khan Says:

    […] By nmasri76 […]

  2. Julie Says:

    how can this be possible!!!!!!!

  3. shaimaa osman Says:

    حسبي الله و نعم الوكيل
    اللهم دمر اليهود الملاعين
    اللهم اجعل كيدهم في نحورهم
    اللهم سلط عليهم جنودك التي لا قبل لهم بها

    god bless all Palestinians
    god help them defend themselves
    oh god , they are so weak , please give them all power and hope and all honor to them

  4. mohamed Says:

    may Allah curse the zionists.

  5. sara abdulla Says:


    it’s real pics and this is the truth that you can’t see it in CNN or BBC and the other Channels

    this is just a small views of what happen to palesinans

    without care or enough food and medicine

    with force like that

    can you imagine it ?


  6. Samah Mokhtar Says:

    حسبي الله و نعم الوكيل
    اللهم سلط عليهم جنودك التي لا قبل لهم به
    يارب انصرهم نصر عزيز مقتدر
    يارب يارب يارب يارب
    god bless all Palestinians
    god help them defend themselves
    oh god , they are so weak , please give them all power and hope and all honor to them

  7. raveem Says:

    The United States said they will kill the Terrorists until none remains… So they are KILLING the Terrorists!

    See for yourself…

    As of today (Sunday, January 11, 2008) approximately 900 Palestinians have been killed so far (approx 50 percent of which are women and children) by Israeli forces leaving almost 3680 injured…

  8. Tom Says:

    To bring real change and peace in Gaza, we need to change the unconditional support of US for Israel and the green light they give them and the UN resolutions they veto. In order to do that, we must counter the pro-Israel lobby in the US. To do that join us at:

  9. DesoliDs Says:

    i think Israel is the “All Best Time Terrorist” !

  10. DesoliDs Says:

    i think Israel is the “All Best Time” Terrorist !

  11. Salomeja Says:

    Israel is cursed for what it’s done to Palestine and palestinians. “When you lose, don’t lose the lesson”..This is what Dalai Lama had to say. Obviously the jews forgot what they went through some 70 ago and on.. You would think this sight of massacre should stay in blood for generations, how very sad these people failed to learn their lesson back in history, now flooding in blood the neighboring nation, who’s only hope is to defend their homeland…How very very sad..

  12. FABITHA Says:

    Really i feel so sorry for the people of palastine.
    The people who occupated their land are telling that they are defencing.
    Is the meaning of ‘occupation’ is ‘DEFENCE’?

  13. FABITHA Says:

    Is there a thing called humanity?
    Why no one is responding?
    Why there is no proper attention for the victims of Palastine?
    Why U.N Council is not stopping this horror?Where is the power of council which we learned in school?

  14. random girl Says:

    israel is the worst terrorist in the whole wide world!!! God will punish Day.
    AS for our dead, they are shuhada. may Allah bless their souls and enter them into jannah w/o hisab. ameen. and may Allah destroy the thrones of the opressors and their allies and give them the worst in this world and the heerafter, Allahumma ameen!

  15. ramy mohamed Says:

    ooh really this is the peace they are talkin about and they wanna defeat the terrorist they who made it and if they wanna do it kids and women and old men must be away from that ,, so i say from here isreal do whatever you want but you will be defeated in the end of this war .

  16. khaled Says:


  17. eLgEE Says:

    only idiots with no eyes and no hearts will support for “isra-hell”..

    to all people with eyes and hearts, let’s boycott foreign products that support “isra-hell”, and let’s pray for palestinian.. Allahu Akbar!!!

  18. alfio giannotti Says:

    sono triste!

  19. Aziz Ahmed Says:

    Terrorists Terrorists Terrorists !!! No one is taking a positive step to help them , the whole world should take an attitude against Israel , this war is not against terrorism as they pretend its against humanity , Muslims , i can do nothing but praying, i’ll keep on praying hopefully they’ll get out of palestine soon !! Allah Be With u GAZA !! “The day of Judgement is drawing near there shall we know which party is GOD’s favorite,and sooner or later the army of prophet MUHAMMED (pbuh) who threw them out of khaibar and the arab nation is gonna get u out of palestine again, U never learn ,The Crusades tried that too but the muslims threw them off ” AND FINALLY ” AL AKSA IS OURS “

  20. Rima Says:

    God damn both israel and arabs ; israel because of her inhumane massacre to palestine and palestinian children, women and all innocent civilians. and arabs for they are witnessing these horrible deeds with allllllllllllllll cold blood..
    God damn anyone can do anything and he doesn’t do anything..
    i’d like to greet israel as she is killing “THE BABY TERRORISTS” :S:S:S

  21. Celine Says:

    Shame on Israel. This is nothing but genocide. You’d think from their own history alone, they should know better. There’s no speck of humanity evident here.

  22. fatima Says:

    اللهم أنتقم منهم
    دمرهم و شتتهم و أرنا فيهم يوما أسود لا ينسى
    اللهم أرنا فيهم عجائب قدرتك
    اللهم زلزل الأرض تحت أقدامهم و عذبهم أشد عذابك و أحرقهم كما حرقوا قلوب المسلمين
    أااااااااااااااااامن يارب

  23. desperadolost Says:

    No peace with israel terrorits!! no peace!! Only traitors would accept peace!!
    no peace with sionists!! no peace!!

  24. poutouf Says:

    Israël n’est pas un pays au dessus des lois, donc doit être juger et condamner pour tous ses crimes!!

    Israel must be judged and punished internationally for commiting WAR CRIMES against the palastinian citizens.
    (killing 1310 citizen 5430 wounded citizens, 40% of those are women & children
    use internationally forbidden weapons as phosphorous bombs,
    attacking homes, schools and buildings belonging to united nations )

  25. Fizzy Says:

    asthugforullah allah mafi
    there children and women lil children
    there no terrorist das jus plain war and stupidity
    das mest up man
    allah have mercy on palistinines soles nd allah dnt giv no mercy 2 israely forces

  26. kholoud abd elrasoul Says:

    god help all Palestinians defend themselves
    Shame on Israel and shame on all arabs
    shame on every one can do some thing for these children and didn’t do any thing for them
    حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل

  27. Dannie Says:

    No Way This Is Horrible !
    i don’t no much about this but looking at the pictures it makes me cry
    this is too bad for words and it needs to stop NOW!
    What Is The Point In Fighting Like This What Is The Point In Fighting At All. It Must Be So Terrifying And Horrible For Everyone Especially The Young Ones Being Harmed. Why Hurt Young Children It’s Not There Fault.
    Someone Has To Stop All Of This NOW And Fast Before It Gets Any Worse !

  28. rajaa Says:

    Oh my God !!!
    I could not even look at those pictures ! I can’t understand how cruel can life be ! This is too shocking !

    May God burn them in hell ! That’s sure !
    All muslim people know that this is not going to last forever .. Sooner or later, israel will go down and very down…

  29. mony Says:

    حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل
    اللهم دمرهم تدميرا من عندك كما دمروا بيوت المسلمين

  30. malek Says:

    la ilaha ella allah

  31. sarah Says:

    oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    how the world say israil defend themselves?

  32. muneer Says:

    اللهم انتقم من هؤلاء الملاعين اللهم دمرهم شر تدمير ولا تغادر منهم احدا
    اللهم انهم قتلوا الابرياء اللهم فاقتلهم بيدك يا جبار السماوات والارض
    اللهم انهم خلق من خلقك لا يعجزونك
    اللهم ارنا فيهم يوما اسود كيوم عاد وثمود وفرعون واخوان لوط

  33. nadia Says:

    Que grand Dieu les torture vivants et morts!!

  34. hussein Says:

    قاتلهم الله ونصر الله عباده في غزه

  35. Amr Says:

    حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل

  36. shoshomoozy Says:

    اللهم دمرهم واحجهم فى نار جهنم

  37. bella Says:

    this is so sad

  38. Simou Says:

    وَلَا تَحۡسَبَنَّ ٱلَّذِينَ قُتِلُواْ فِى سَبِيلِ ٱللَّهِ أَمۡوَٲتَۢا‌ۚ بَلۡ أَحۡيَآءٌ عِندَ رَبِّهِمۡ يُرۡزَقُونَ(169)

  39. yahia saad Says:

    حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل
    ان الله يمهل ولا يهمل
    والنصر لمن صبر
    وان النصر قريبا ان شاء الله
    والله قد نصر اهل غزه بمشيئته والنصر الاكبر قريب ان شاء الله

  40. manal Says:

    we want the world to see this cruelty we want justice how can we do that how can we spread this to the world please help us god

  41. fatimah agha Says:

    israel is not going down cuz muslims are sleeping… no one does any thing… they just talk and talking is not going to help us…what are we doing to stop all this!!!!

  42. احمد محمد Says:

    ((ولا تحسبن الله غافل عما يعمل الظالمون انما يؤخرهم ليوم تشخص فيه الابصار مهطعين مقنعي رؤوسهم لايرتد اليهم ترفهم وافئدتهم هواء ))
    التأمر المصري المهين علي المقاومه الاسلاميه ودعم مجرمي فتح بالسلاح والتدريب في الاسكندريه تنفيزا لمخطط دايتون للقضاء علي المقاوم الاسلاميه
    كان اكبر الدلائل علي وقوف القياده المصريه في خندق الصهيونيه تنفيذ لتعليمات امريكيه …. ولكن قدر الله وما شاء فعل فلقد سقطت تلك الاسلحه في ايدي المقاومه الاسلاميه وكان لها الاثر الكبير في مقاومة الاحتلال وطرده منهزم يجر ازيال الهزيمه وصدق رسولنا الكريم (لاتزال طائفة من امتي ظاهرين علي الحق لعدوهم قاهرين لايضرهم من عادهم الا ما يجدون من لاواء (أذي )قيل اين يا رسول الله ؟ قال ببيت المقدس وفي اكناف بيت المقدس
    فليتأمر العباسيون والصهاينه والامريكان فنصر الله قادم رغم انف الكافرين والمنافقين ولينصرن الله من ينصره ان الله قوي عزيز وليلحق بالركب المبارك من يستطيع ليفوز حين يخسر الكثيرون

  43. احسان محمد حسين Says:

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته .اللهم العن الصهايتة واتباعهم ممن يدعون انهم مسلمين او عرب فبلعن الضالمين نتقرب الى الله .( ولكن هل هذا يكفي لنصرة المضلومين من اخواننا الفلسطينين) اخواني ان لم نستطع اعانتهم في سوح القتال فيجب علينا تحشيد رئي الشعب العربي ضد عملاء الصهاينة من حكام ومنضمات ووعاض سلاطين مثيري فتن فمرة يدعون ان حزب الله شيعي فلا يجوز الوقوف معه ومرة اخرى ان حركة حماس المجاهدة عميلة لايران (العدو الاول لاسرائيل) وما همهم الا حماية اسرائيل ومصالحها او الحقد الطائفي ولو على حساب الدين والوطن (ولينصرن الله من ينصره ان الله قوي عزيز) فلا حجة للقاعدين او الساكتين عن الحق يوم الحساب فالساكت عن الضلم مشارك فيه ولا عذر له امام الله العزيز القهار

  44. comment-154241 Says:

    Wielkie dzięki za ten pomocny post, oby tak

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